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Part 3 Planned Parenthood

*Shannon & Jerome*

It's been a whole week since the mandatory quarantine began. Still nothing. The only updates we’re receiving from the news are in regards to how rapidly the Corona Virus continues to spread and the death toll it's taken amongst the nation. This can’t be life. I have no phone, the only means of communication I have with the world is through social media which I refuse to stay connected to at a time like this. I’ve only hopped on messenger to communicate with my mother and a few relatives that were concerned. I’m in no place for the extra-ness that comes along with FB or IG. I don’t want to see the rich soak in sorrow as they are bound to their million dollar mansions with their in-home basketball courts and baller babies. I don’t care to see status after status from the goofy’s who are so happy now that their men are forced to stay in the house. And I definitely don’t want to see the schizophrenia statuses from the crazies during this pandemic. I’m just not in the mood for the internet right now, especially when my reality is one of the worst situations anyone could imagine. The next day after the office left with instruction for us to stay in my apartment, Rome finally charged his phone and turned it on. She must’ve killed the battery within an hour after he did so. She called and text constantly. She had to have used every platform imaginable to try and get in touch with him. I know this because his phone let off 50 different notification sounds, and each time he looked more and more distressed. I don't blame her though. I would’ve done the same thing. Hell I’d probably risked catching the virus and a charge looking for his ass if it were my husband. To make matters worse. He reached out to his mother and sister to assure both of them he was safe and sheltered. He knew they’d pass the message to his wife. They didn’t let him off the hook easy though. For the most part he avoided them over the last week. Limiting the communication as much as possible. I guess he was feeling overwhelmed today because he actually stayed on the phone longer than 5 minutes with them. I overheard his conversation with both his mom and sister. “I assure you I’m fine, and when this is all over I will give you details.” He told his sister. She never really liked me because she hated how much he loved me. If she knew he was with me, she would crucify him. The conversation with his mother wasn’t as easy. She’s always been over protective of him. She spent most of the phone call cursing him out for going missing during such a hazardous time and not talking to his WIFE “Mom I didn’t know I would get stuck.” He tried explaining in between her scorning him. “ I know Ma, I know. I will make it right. There’s just nothing I can do right now.” He never told her where he was and had to pretend like his phone was dying to end the call. “I can’t call her right now but I promise I will make sure I keep in touch with you until all this is over.” He said right before hanging up. His mom loved me, at least I thought she did. After 5 long years I found out her love was conditional. Because once her son left me she stopped loving me.

Day 7 of Quarantine and I was starting to feel sick to my stomach. I don’t know if the nausea came from listening to his drama or because this pregnancy was growing more and more each day. I knew exactly how far along I was before I made the appointment to terminate the pregnancy. It wasn’t rocket science being that it was THE ONLY time I’d had sex since Rome left. I knew I had no business doing it, especially not with him but I was desperate, broken, vulnerable, and yearning for a soothing touch. It felt good at the time but it wasn't worth the consequence that was now growing in my womb and I could possibly be forced to keep. I lost count of how far along I should be now. All this craziness has me in a self induced coma. My body is here in this apartment with my ex while pregnant with another mans baby, but my spirit is floating outside in search of an abortion clinic. Wouldn't make a difference though. Apparently Abortions are not considered essential operations during Quarantine.

I needed to focus on something more positive before I lost my mind. I went over to the kitchen to brew a chai tea latte. Had to drink something good to fuel my thoughts. Jerome looked real comfortable in a pair of his old boxers I never threw out, cooking in what used to be OUR kitchen. He looked so comfortable that it annoyed me. “When did you get that?” He asked, referring to my Hamilton Beach espresso machine. I ignored him. “You hungry?” He continued bothering me. I continued ignoring him. “Look you don’t have to talk to me but you HAVE to eat something. Don't be selfish.” He said referring to my pregnancy. He hit a nerve. I slammed my spoon down on the counter and went bezerk on him.

“Listen coward ass sorry excuse for a man. Don’t pretend to care rather I’m eating now when you didn’t give a damn that I almost starved myself to death due to depression after you left me 9 months ago. I was literally depriving myself of food until my coworker Bryant pulled me to the side at work one day to point out how much weight I was losing, and asked when was the last time I ate. I instantly broke down because I couldn’t remember. Where were you then??? Did you give a flying fuck about my nutrition then?? NO! You didn’t! You were too busy being a father and planning a wedding.” I tried to hold back my tears but they started flowing.

“We didn’t have a wedding” Is all he said before I tore him a new one.

“Fuck you Rome!! Fuck you and that marriage. Fuck this whole situation. I need to get out of here before I snap on your ass!! I hate you! I hate this!” I yelled before snatching my coffee from under the brewer and stomping towards my cozy corner. He followed behind me but kept far enough distance not to catch another right hook. Before I could reach my destination across the apartment a banging on the door stopped us both in our tracks.

“Who is it??” I yelled out expecting it to be another law enforcement with more bad news, no good updates. No one answered but the knocking continued. I knew it wasn’t law enforcement, or any of my neighbors because they would've announced themselves.

“Who IS IT??” I was growing frustrated. Still no answer which made me a little nervous about who it could be. Especially if everyone was quarantined. My mind began to wonder while I was creeping to the front door as if the person on the other side didn’t just hear the yelling and screaming I was doing a second ago. I slowly put my eye up to the peephole. It was covered.

Whoever it is, didn't want me to know who they were. But they wanted in because they kept knocking. Maybe Rome’s mom found out where he had traced his phone and took the risk to come find him. Just as quickly as that thought crossed my mind it was eliminated. She would’ve announced herself, she wouldn’t bang on my door, and she damn sure wouldn’t cover the peephole. Then it hit me. There was only one other person who would track his phone, take the risk, show up unannounced and wouldn't want their identity revealed until this door was open. And that was……

His wife.

We were both quiet but I can tell we were thinking the same thing. He looked terrified yet his protective instincts kicked in. He pushed me out the way so he could open the door himself. My heart raced as he slowly turned both locks, the door knob and then pulled the door open. I stood a few feet behind him, anxious and ready for whatever. To my surprise the person on the other side was NOT who neither one of us expected it to be. “Where Sharon at?.” The very familiar voice asked and for a moment I thought my ears were playing tricks on me. But judging by the look on Rome’s face it was definitely Him. Rome didn’t say a word, he just shook his head , stepped back to let him in and walked away. Leaving me standing there to greet our unexpected guest.

Which just so happened to be my rich, boxer turned "rapper", ex boyfriend Jay-Roc

To BE Continued…...

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