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Part 1 Quarantine Bae

*Shannon & Jerome*

The whole city has been on edge since this CoronaVirus Pandemic started last week. Because of the rumors that any day now we can be forced to stay Quarantined in our homes until all of this dies over, the clubs have been going up every night. Club Rona being the #1 place to party. Last night was the Battle of the DJ’s. The hottest DJ’s in the city on the 1’s and 2’s all night long. Had me twerking to every song. Our section was lit. Shot after shot being passed around. My friends made sure I was drunk early. A fun night was well needed. I hadn’t been out in months. 9 months ago I fell asleep with my fiance, woke up to an empty left side of the bed, a goodbye letter, and a picture of a sonogram. The realest man I’d ever known turned out to be a cold blooded sucker. Loved on me for 5 years and then left me without a trace. I immediately went into a deep depression after he disappeared. No one knew but those closest to me because I wore it well. I thought I was gonna lose my mind but thank God I didn’t. I lost myself in my work instead. Day in and Day out spending countless hours at the firm trying to escape my weary bitter thoughts. If it weren’t for my coworker Bryant keeping me afloat, I would’ve worked myself into a sea of trouble...Literally. That’s why Club Rona was well needed. I soaked up every bit of that fun, especially with me not knowing when or if I’ll ever get the chance to get out again. I stood in the mirror of the bathroom of the night club checking myself out. My hair styled by @Sashascirrorhands in a blunt cut bob accentuating my high cheekbones and slanted eyes. I was wearing a cute black jumpsuit from Top Notch Boutique in East Liberty. My thigh high leather boots blended well with the way the jumpsuit was hugging my curves. Heartbreak destroyed my spirit but it treated my body well. All that happy weight I put on the past 5 years, only took 6 months to shed after I got my heart broken. But the weight shed in all the right places and I was definitely feeling myself. The night was young and I was in my bag. After snapping a few pics and posting them to my IG with the caption “From a sad bitch to a bad bitch” I gave myself one last look over in the mirror and strutted out the bathroom, into the hallway, and ran smack dead into HIM.

Jerome AKA my Romey I wished my eyes were playing tricks on me but they weren't. It was really HIM right there in the flesh. I spent the last 9 months of my life trying to avoid running into him. Countless hours thinking of all the horrible things I would do and say if I ever laid eyes on him again. I had a lot of hard hateful feelings towards him but the second we locked eyes that all went out the window. I missed his face. I was speechless. He broke our awkward silence with a “Hey”. Not sure if it were the multiple shots of Patron or the actual sound of his voice that made me weak and emotional because instead of ripping his neck off his shoulders I simply responded. “Hey” back. I can tell my kosher response put him at ease. He walked up to me and whispered in my ear. “We need to talk” and the rest was history.

3 more shots of Patron and an hour later we were back in what used to be OUR apartment, making love in what used to be OUR bed. Summer Walker didn't lie when she said too much patron will have you wanting some more. To be quite honest I sobered up the moment he touched me, the second our lips intertwined the alcohol was soaked up by ecstacy and I was completely aware of what I was doing. What WE were doing. We went on for hours, drowning in between the sheets, never coming up for air. We turned our phones off, and made love in silence. No interruptions. Just like old times. I’m not even sure when we passed out. I woke up at the crack of dawn hungover but happy. I watched him while he slept. This would’ve been the perfect moment to wake him up and tell him how much of a coward he was for walking away and leaving me hopeless with so many unanswered questions. I should’ve beat his ass in his sleep so he can get a taste of all the pain and blows to the heart that I took when he left. He owed me an explanation and I owed him an ass whoopin. But as deep as the pan ran, my love for him ran deeper. In Spite of his dirty decisions, I still wanted to give him a clean slate. This was a start. I cuddled as close to him as possible thinking of all the things he would say when he finally woke up and realized he was home. I imagined he would apologize sincerely, telling me how he made such a big mistake and just wanted to make everything right so that we can spend the rest of our lives together. I don't know what hoodrat he laid with and knocked up but I know damn well she could never take my place. I owned his heart, he only ran because he couldn’t stand facing me with the truth. I know its stupid but when he awakes and apoligize I am ready to forgive him so we can move on and live happily ever after.

At some point after the sun arose I drifted back to sleep only to be awakened by a banging sound.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The pounding sound echoed in my dream during my hungover slumber and it wouldn't stop. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!. It continued until it forced me awake. I jumped up staggering through my studio apartment, very groggy, but stable enough to follow the sound which was coming from the front door. I went to turn the knob ready to curse out whoever had the balls to be banging on my shit this early in the morning like they were the police, but just as I went to do so the person on the other side yelled out “Representative of the US Marshall”, and I noticed I was butt naked. Flustered and confused I quickly grabbed my fur jacket from the coat rack sitting at my front entrance and wrapped it around my naked body before cracking the door just enough to get a good look at the tall white guy standing in the hall. “Good Morning Ms Shannon Mason?" He greeted and confirmed my name from a sheet of paper. "Yes thats me" I said. "Sorry to bother you but I am here to serve you and everyone else in the building temporary orders issued by the US Government mandating all PA residents to stay quarantined in their homes until further notice. Effective immediately due to the sudden widespread of the Corona Virus no one is permitted to leave their homes except for emergency purposes ONLY.”

Before I could ask any questions Rome came running up behind me naked with only my sheet wrapped around his lower section covering his man parts. “Wait” He yelled out “ I can’t stay here, I have to go,” He said as he pulled the door all the way open trying to get through the doorway. “Excuse me sir but unfortunately I can’t let you leave.” The officer said as he focused in on Rome's face making it obvious he was trying to avoid looking down at his naked body. I quickly skimmed through the letter the officer handed me making sure what he was saying was indeed true. That's when I noticed the effective date of the Quarantine ``Saturday March 21st” and I remembered today was THE DAY. I looked down at my apple watch “9:07AM” “Oh God” I said out loud as I tried to get past the officer who was standing his ground blocking the doorway “Sir I have to GO!” I said trying to push past him but he wasn’t letting that happen. Commotion started to erupt as we both tried to get through the doorway that the US Marshall blocked with everything he had in him. We both begged and pleaded until the officer yelled out for both of us to calm down. “Hey!!! Calm down!! Neither one of you can go anywhere without getting clothes on first. Now this is a law mandated by the Government effective immediately I cannot let you through this door without taking you to jail first unless you have a life threatening emergency. Now does either of you have a life threatening emergency??” He asked with bass in his voice “Yes!!” we both yelled out at the same time. “Okay, what are your life threatening emergencies?” He asked us both and we answered him at the same time. Both giving reasons that were not life threatening but definitely rocked our worlds.

“I have an abortion appointment with Planned Parenthood” I said “I need to make it home to my WIFE and son” He said

And then we both immediately turned away from the officer and towards one another giving each other a shocking stare of death.

To Be Continued…….. Stay Tuned for Part 2

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