Quarantine Chronicles

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

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Part 2 Left Hook Right Hook

*Shannon & Jerome*

“Sir?” “Can I have your name Sir” The Officer asked Rome who wasnt paying him any attention because he was staring a hole through me. “Pregnant!!!” Is all he said. The officer continued to badger him “So your name is Pregnant?” “Sir I need to record who you are just in case that wife you’re trying to get home to, reports you missing, and we can let her know you’re okay.” “No!” Jerome yelled out. I guess that grabbed his attention. “Please do NOT tell my wife I’m here.” He said and my blood began to boil. “Your wife??? You’re Married????” I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and it sounded even worse coming out of my mouth. I walked up on him ready to catch a domestic case right in front of the law. “You slept with me and you’re fucking married!!” I yelled with a shaky voice. The anger inside of me was ready to explode. This was the last straw. The officer was getting annoyed with our antics. “Ok at this point I’m demanding you give me identification.” He said to Rome who had turned his back to the wall and started melting on to the floor in shame. He sounded pitiful reciting his name. “Jerome. Jerome Banks''.

“Thank you” The officer said “You two stay safe.” I can tell he was relieved to move on as he closed the door leaving us locked in my studio apartment alone with no other choice but to address our BS.

When the officer closed the door it felt like he’d locked it with Shackles and Chains. What was I going to do?? I took 6 pregnancy tests 2 weeks ago before this whole CoronaVirus Pandemic started. All positive. Every. Single. One. I made my abortion appointment that same day I took those test. There was no way I could have this baby. I’m not married, I'm not ready, and I’m not happy. I paced back and forth with my phone in my hand frantically looking for the number to planned parenthood. Jerome was still sitting on the floor with his back against the wall and head dropped low. I was in no mood to exist in the same space as him at the moment. I actually didnt want to exist in the same space as anyone. My only focus was trying to figure out how to make this pregnancy NON EXISTENT. The phone rang and my heart raced praying the representatives would be working from home and could give me some answers as to when I can get this procedure done.

“Thank you for contacting Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately due to the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 all staff members are quarantined to their homes and phone lines will not be answered at this ti-” I didn’t even let the answering machine finish before hanging up and tossing my phone at the wall breaking it into pieces. The sound snapped Jerome out of his pitiful trance and directed his attention on me. I was now laying across my King size Sofa Bed sobbing.

I never cry. Matter of fact I haven’t cried tears this heavy since the day I woke up to the letter and sonogram he left on my pillow. That was one of the worst times of my life. This right here, is neck to neck with that day.

“Whose is it?” He asked out of nowhere. I wanted to ignore him but he had some nerve.

“Excuse me?” I said sarcastically, yet he still had the balls to ask the question again. This time his voice was slightly stern.

“WHOSE IS IT?” He repeated and I went from Sobbing to Raging in a millisecond.

“Who is your WIFE??????” That’s the million dollar question here! You’re married!!! MA-RIED Jerome! And I slept with you. We made love for hours and you are living in HOLY MATRIMONY!! WTF??!!! You sneaky, lying, adulterous BASTARD!” I was yelling. He looked scared.

“I gave you 5 LONG, FAITHFUL YEARS of my life and you just up and leave without a trace, leaving a farewell letter and a picture of an unborn baby behind, only to reappear 9 months later to screw me while you’re MARRIED! You Married her?????” I was back to sobbing.

He didn't say a word. His silence cut me deep.

“Say something!!!” I yelled.

“What do you want me to say?” He asked

“Something!! Anything!!! I was damn near begging for him to give me an explanation that would honestly be unnecessary at this point.

“I’m letting you get it out” Is all he said.

“You’re letting me get it out?!! Is that what you’re doing? Or are you sitting there like mute man because you know you’re a fucking disgrace. I left a millionaire to be with you and Y-” He cut me off with a sarcastic chuckle.

“Some things never change do they?” He continued chuckling “You’re still throwing your ex in my face. You didn’t leave him for me, you left him because he started practicing his jabs on your jaw.”

My eyes were wide with shock. That was low and it left me speechless.

The tears were pouring out of my face, I began hyperventilating, I needed air, I needed an escape. I ran to the door. He stopped me before I could go out.

“You don't have any clothes on! What are you doing?!” He asked while grabbing my arm, stopping me in my treks. The moment he touched me I became enraged. I started throwing blows. Left to right. I went straight Floyd Mayweather on his ass. The third right hook connected and made him grab his face. I hit him so hard I shocked myself. But I didn’t feel any remorse. The hit did cause me to stop and catch my breath. The jacket I had wrapped around me had dropped to the floor. I was now naked and hyperventilating. I walked over to my writing corner where there was a small window facing the rear of the apartment building. I opened it and the air hitting my lungs felt amazing. I closed my eyes and laid back on the pillows I had laid out like like a bed. This little corner was my happy place. It was where I came to escape the world. Although my studio apartment was fully furnished and quite a tight space to live in, I still felt like I was on an empty beach whenever I sat in this corner in front of the window. Closing my eyes helped my imagination carry me away to anywhere in this world I wanted to be. Right now I needed to be anywhere but in this apartment with HIM. He stood in the same spot at the front entrance watching me. “ Is that his baby?” He asked through a shaky voice.

I closed my eyes, ignored him and drifted off to sleep.

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